I believe you can have the life you want.

I’ve been one of the world’s most successful executive coaches for the last decade, and together with my partner in business and in life, Jennifer, I’m now in the iterative process of developing the most impactful group experiences available on the planet.


Statement of Purpose:

I was recently asked a very interesting question.

“If you were the planet’s coach, what would you offer to our world?”

I replied in one word: “Entrepreneurialism.”

I don’t think everyone should be in business for themselves. There are some of us that are obviously better suited to thrive in an environment with externally enforced structure and rewards. However, I do think we all can take important lessons from what is required to succeed as an entrepreneur and use them to improve our lives, the lives of others and, by extension, the future of our population.

The entrepreneurial spirit naturally arises when competent people experience freedom. It is the spirit of contribution, of innovation and of dedication to results.

The combination of skill-based competence in leadership, influence (including marketing and sales), human relationships and passion-based freedom to express your purpose for being here in everything you say and do is incredibly potent. The United States’ incredible rise from infancy to world dominance was based on this powerful intersection.

I believe that we can build a society together of free-hearted, entrepreneurial-minded individuals, and that when we are all unfettered in our pursuit of deepest purpose, we will create a self-organizing system. Like ants in an anthill, we need no structures to make sure that each of us is cared for when we need it – inspired when we want it – and rewarded when we deserve it. As we approach this admittedly utopian possibility, we will see as an emergent property a truly ‘new’ economy. Debt will play a less and less important role in our financial system and non-monetary contribution will play a more and more important one.

What are our obstacles?  Fear and ignorance. When we are afraid, we can’t know our purpose. When we are ignorant, we can’t see the opportunities that lie at our feet.

I have dedicated my life to relating to you in such a way that you can have less fear and be well informed of the underlying systems and patterns that govern human behavior in and out of the business context.


A Brief History:

I started out as an entrepreneur in high school – selling ‘shares of stock’ in an experimental theatre company I had created with my friends. I rented out theaters, held auditions and rehearsals, wrote the script  (in that order) and sold tickets.  I caught the bug and have never had a W2 position since.

After college, I started FranklinMedia, a post production service business in the entertainment industry. I worked on more than 300 feature films, including SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, GLADIATOR, THE LAST SAMURAI and POLAR EXPRESS. I sold FranklinMedia in 2000 when MEMENTO, edited at FranklinMedia, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Editing.

I decided to work with my mom, Marijo Franklin, as a part-time coach while I figured out what business Goliath I wanted to challenge next. I quickly found coaching executives in Silicon Valley to be incredibly rewarding and lucrative – and I realized how much I had been sacrificing to make FranklinMedia work.  I thought those kinds of sacrifices were a natural part of being an entrepreneur, but now I know that is not the case.  It is possible to live the life you want to live and have the professional impact you want to have – at the same time.

Marijo’s track record with CEOs like Joe Costello (Cadence), Martin Brauns (Interwoven) and John Adler (Adaptec) accelerated my rise to become one of the most successful coaches in the country.  I was also very lucky with my timing. In 1999, I was “an idiot” for not understanding the dot-com economy and raising VC money to start a virtual internet service business.  I was busy in a non-scaleable, non-growth sector service business making sure I made more money than I spent.  In 2001, I was a “genius” for all the same reasons. My brand of coaching was focused on the fundamentals of basic business and basic human relationships. This was suddenly en vogue after the spectacular collapse of hundreds of well-funded startups like Webvan and Calico (the later of which was a client). I quickly built my own practice and have since attended nearly 1000 executive staff meetings and board meetings as a confidant and advisor. That’s something like 80 years of executive experience!

After almost a decade, I expanded my reach to include small business owners and “solo-preneurs” – teaching a year-long intensive called “The Coaching Program With Bryan Franklin”.  I was initially surprised to find out the degree to which the knowledge I had picked up  from working with so many incredibly talented executives was universally applicable.  Now I realize that the impact that I’m called to make is much larger then my biggest dreams when I was back at FranklinMedia.


An Invitation:

Each year I ask myself what I’m really up to here on our planet, and each year my answer is more refined, simple and powerful.

I’m here because I want you to be free.  I want us to be free together, and create from there. To back up my desire, I’m armed with considerable resources that can help you disengage the quiet fears that keep you from your true purpose (often without the benefit of your awareness), and teach you the most important – and most misunderstood – capabilities that drive human effectiveness.

I invite you to bravely become unleashed.

“A Man That Has A Vision Is Not Able To Use The Power Of That Vision Until He Performs It On Earth For People To See.” – Black Elk

“Just Throw Away All Thoughts Of Imaginary Things And Stand Firm In That Which You Are.” – Kabir


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    Eben Pagan, Marketing Guru

  • “As many know, I am very reluctant to give out recommendations on websites, but I have been blown away with the quality of work that he has provided and I count Bryan as one of a handful of mentors i look to for guidance in my life. I would highly recommend Bryan as a coach, project manager or executive.”
    Michael G., Senior Director

  • “Bryan is a great executive coach. Working with Bryan enabled me to quickly identify opportunities where I could be more effective and put specific action plans in place. Bryan also helped me with strategies to improve communication with my peers and increase the overall effectiveness of our team. I think of Bryan as the Sales VP’s equivalent of Tiger Woods swing coach!”
    Duke L., Executive VP Sales

  • “Bryan is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative executive/team coach with an uncanny ability to diagnose issues and rapidly eradicate them.”
    Kathryn K., President & CEO

  • “Working with Bryan Franklin was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made for my life, my business, and my happiness. After only a short time of working with Bryan my income as a coach has multiplied more than ten times over. I’ve faced challenges that only a few months ago would have been completely unimaginable and impossible to me. I have experienced myself as the person I have always dreamed of being for the first time in my life, which is something that I always feared wasn’t even possible.”
    Andrew D., Success Coach