How Did My Mom (High School Drop Out) Out Earn My Dad (Harvard MBA) By 2x to 3x?
13 years ago

My friend and Jena ( is dedicated to helping women understand and ally with the power of their femininity, and it was my pleasure to talk with her about the unusual way my mom became a self-made millionaire.

Sit down, grab a glass of wine (or green superfood smoothie – whatever your pleasure) and enjoy the way we explore how feminine leadership principles can lead you to a way of doing business that feels easy and lucrative.

You are going to love the stories about how my Mom (also a 7-figure executive coach) and my Dad (Harvard MBA and former Airtouch Prez) went about things very differently. It was really fun for me to share – I trust it will be just as fun for you to listen!

Listen all the way to the end, because there’s some really great Q+A that get down to the heart of the matter.

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Also, Jena revealed on the call that she has signed up for a 2nd year in our Ascended Masters Program. We’ve got really great powerhouse men and women in the program (again) this year!

This is what Jena had to say:

“The last year studying with Bryan has been, simply put, the most
powerful, transformative, amazing year of my life. I owe a great deal
of it to being in Bryan’s program.

In the last year Bryan’s influence has revolutionized
my ability to help my clients achieve their desired goals
my relationships
my confidence
my happiness
and, as you might imagine with all these factors coming together, my
business has been revolutionized too. And in a feminine way…as
you’ll find out.

When I began the year, I was feeling a lot of stress and pressure around
my business. It was not “flowing” for me the way it is now, and I was not satisfied in my progress towards my goal of reaching as many women with my message as possible.”

In this recording you’ll learn:

· The 3 ways that feminine leadership turns the old model on its head – and celebrates things you might have previously been ashamed of!

· The one thing you need to do to create an abundance mindset fast – and it’s NOT what you think it is – it’s

· The three essential areas you must master if you want to become successful in business. FACT: No
successful person gets to where they want to be without mastering these three domains. You can’t hide!

Listen all the way to the end

Listen all the way to the end because Jena and I dig in with the callers and provide some really valuable coaching for anyone in business or thinking of starting one. The Q+A is really profound stuff.

While you listen, comment below with any questions or comments and I’ll make sure to reply personally!

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