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11 years ago

Before I learned the shortcut to fast business growth, I’d tried a lot of different things to make money.  I sold computer cables on ebay, I sold scrap metal, stereo systems for cars, I even worked in Hollywood doing sound effects for movies.  Some of those businesses did ok, but most didn’t work out, and I ran into what I know as the “7 Obstacles to Growth” every time.  (That’s when I realized that I could literally work the rest of my life and NEVER solve my problems.)

There was no way I was going to let that happen, so I asked every Silicon Valley exec, startup entrepreneur, guru, teacher, mentor, advisor, coach, and expert what I could do to escape the things that had trapped me like so many others.

What I learned was that the easiest way to remove these obstacles to growth is for someone to reach out their hand and help pull you out.

That’s what my mentors and teachers did for me.

Now I am able to offer you the same.  Over the next two blog posts I’ll explain exactly what these obstacles to grow are — why they stop you and why they’re going to keep stopping you unless you overcome them.  And then I’m going to tell you how I can help you get past these obstacles and that way whether I help you or you are determined to do it all by yourself —  you’ll know how to take your business to the next level.

Business Growth Obstacles

The Seven Business Growth Obstacles

How many of these obstacles are preventing the growth of your entrepreneurial endeavors? Here they are…

Growth Obstacle #1) “I know what I need to do to grow, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to maintain what I’m doing AND do all the things I need to do to grow my business at the same time.”

Growth Obstacle #2) “I know that I should be communicating more with the people on my subscriber list – like sending them emails or writing blog posts – but I don’t feel like I have anything good to say.”

Growth Obstacle #3) “I know that I’m spending too much of my time “working” and “trading my time for money” and I am really ready to start getting paid more systematically and automatically by my business, but I don’t have the systems set up.””

Growth Obstacle #4) “I know that I should follow up with the people who are interested in my product, but I don’t get back to them as quickly as I should.”

Growth Obstacle #5) “I know that I need to take my marketing to the next level, and I’ve learned a lot of marketing techniques, but I feel overwhelmed when I try to implement them and it doesn’t seem to all come together.”

Growth Obstacle #6) “I’m getting by, but it won’t be worth it to keep doing this if I keep making the same level of income- even if I love parts of what I do.”

Growth Obstacle #7) “I’m afraid of getting burned out.  I’m not excited by what I’m doing anymore and I’ve lost my mojo. I’m starting to think that I’m really meant to do something else.”

Solution to Growth Obstacle #1: Less is More

If you want to try eliminating this obstacle on your own, experiment with doing less…

Perhaps you don’t need to call each customer when they sign up?
Perhaps you don’t have to write a personal note with the invoice?
Perhaps you don’t have to write a summary for each client after every meeting?

Then use your extra time to focus on creating the assets that drive business growth.

Solution to Growth Obstacle #2: Email Your Favorite Customer

If you don’t think you have anything good to say, or you are procrastinating writing your blog or emails, then you need more specific ‘customer avatar’ or description of your ideal customer.

If you were sitting in front of your favorite customer and they really needed something that you could help them with, would you know what to say?  Of course you would.  Something weird happens in our brains when we think we need to talk to lots of people at once.  A switch gets flipped and suddenly we can’t think of anything to say and we get all self conscious.  That’s ok.  Its totally normal.  Use that to your advantage, and flip the switch the other way:

I’ve learned a lot of great tricks for coming up with profound and compelling content – but here’s a quick one:  When you see the appointment come up on your phone or your alert system, ask yourself “What customer situation am I most emotional about right now?”  And sit down and write an email to that customer.

If it is a positive emotion, congratulate them and tell them what you think they did right, and what you think other people don’t do right with respect to their situation.

If it is a negative emotion, console them and tell them what you think they could do to improve their situation and why you think smart people like them find themselves in their unfortunate situation.

Then, instead of sending the email to that customer, write a blog post that starts with “This is a message for anyone who _______________.”

You will spend about 1/10th the time writing the post, and it will likely get more comments, reposts, retweets, and shares because posts with emotional content are always the most compelling.

Its especially effective if you’ve chosen your customer avatar and market niche for a reason that is deeply meaningful to you.  That deeper inspiration will often be more than enough to get over momentary insecurities that would otherwise stop you.

Solutions to Growth Obstacles #3-7

Business Growth Obstacles2

Business Growth Obstacles2


There are five more growth obstacles that can be deadly to your business. Learn what the rest of them are, and learn how to overcome them through the Mind Money Meaning system I designed especially for you, through my years of research and experience.

Allow me to reach out my hand to you, and help pull you out… http://mindmoneymeaning.com

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