Why you should be selling emotions, not features
8 years ago


Most entrepreneurs, when they’re developing their products and services, sit down in a vacuum of their own ideas and their own teams, trying to make their product better. They attempt to figure out what features would be the coolest and what they think people really want.

But what if you knew how your customers worked emotionally, and put equal attention, if not more, into understanding that? And what if you could sit down, talk with your customers (not at them) for five minutes – in person, understand them explicitly, and have them pulling out their credit cards?

You absolutely can. IF you figure out how to emotionally activate them. You have to get them to where they are now, to where they need to be to take action.

The gap between your ability to close the sale is you learning their emotional landscape.

From your perspective, your company, and what makes your company unique is its features. You’ll say to prospective clients, “I’ve got this new coaching thing I’m selling. It’s three months.” You talk to them every day on the phone and then there’s this group call. Then you start listing the all of the features.

But what you need to know, and remember, is your customer doesn’t buy to solve a feature problem, but an emotional problem.

You really need to understand that emotional landscape. The reason I recommend having 10, 20, 30+ in-person sales conversations, even if that’s not going to be a part of your scalable business model, is because when you talk to 30 people about the same thing, you can see their face either light up or darken; you can see when they resist and when they open up.

You see what’s going on for them emotionally.

If you just do it once or twice, you might have a special case. It might be unique to that individual, but when you do it 20, 30, 40, 50 times, you can witness the one thing they all have in common – that they each express this emotional need and the promise you offer helps them meet that emotional need.

Do you know what motivates your customers?

One of the highest leverage things that you can do to create more sales conversions is to learn how to create an emotional experience for customers, in person, in print and online.

Here is an exercise of just 3 questions for you to do, right now, to help you clarify the emotional process.

Question 1: What gets them emotionally activated?

Take a sheet of blank paper. On one side, draw a line down the middle to make two columns.

One column is your customer’s fears and frustrations. What are they afraid of? What is keeping them awake at night? What are their biggest frustrations that, if you could solve those, it would be worth a lot of time, effort, energy, and money for them.

In the other column, write down their wants and aspirations. What do they hope and dream might be possible?

Question 2: What’s going to get them emotionally deactivated?

On the back of you sheet of paper, jot down what takes the wind out of their sails?
Where they went from inspired or activated to frustrated or in fear and completely in a place of being stuck and deactivated.

Question 3: How is my product or service directly tied to emotional deactivation?

Once you know how to emotionally activate your prospects, then you literally have the power to create money anytime, anywhere. You can create cash any time you want it, immediately.

You don’t need websites or marketing or products or a team. You just create cash anytime you want and, once you do that, you really have a base level of control of your life. You can take care of your family. You can start to do things you want to do with friends. You can start to build for yourself the experiences that you want to build in your life and then have that platform of confidence.

In addition, you can build just about any business you want.

If you commit to five or ten conversations a week, you will have a totally different view of yourself, what you have to offer, what your product and service is, the emotional landscape of your customer, and your ability to generate and boost sales when you need to. This one thing will radically transform your business.

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