The Single Most Powerful Skill Every Entrepreneur Must Have
10 years ago

I’ve noticed that the most powerful leaders hold paradox. What I mean by “hold” is that you can simultaneously experience the truth of each side of the paradox without reducing the truth of the other. Being able to do this is among the top components of power and success, if not the single most powerful skill for entrepreneurs.

What Exactly is Paradox?

The universal significance of paradox is an easy one. In the context of the cosmos, you’re a speck of dust. You could not be more insignificant. You’re unimaginably insignificant on a cosmological scale, both in terms of time, 13.6 billion years of evolution, and in terms of size, which is 13.6 billion light years, and the universe.

It’s just literally beyond our comprehension how insignificant we are and yet, to our loved ones, to our next of kin, we matter immensely. I have a nine-year-old son, Spencer, and I could not be more significant to him. Everything I say to him bears weight. Everything I do matters to him. Same goes for you. It matters what you do. It matters how you use your life force, your consciousness, your willpower, your heart, your love, your intention. It matters.

That is a paradox. We matter. We don’t matter.

How Most People Deal with Paradox

When presented with a paradox, most people do one of three things. They either believe the one side. They basically go with the story that they’re not significant. Or they go to the other side. They believe that they are significant. Or they put the paradox in a black box, like a cognitive dissonance box. That’s where the walls don’t meet the floor and you just pretend that the paradox is resolved by some magic superstition or something.

But each of those three choices robs you of the power of the paradox. The power of it is that things only appear to be contradictory when you’re looking at them in a lower dimension than they are made of.

Here’s what I mean…. Take a two-dimensional drawing of a three-dimensional cube. If you look at the drawing of the cube, you’ll notice that the lines are all at funny angles and they cross each other. You would say that the lines represented on that page are perpendicular or parallel to each other and all at 90-degree angles. However, this is untrue in a literal sense because the drawing is only a representation of the cube—a three dimensional object in a two dimensional world.

When most people deal with paradox, they can’t imagine these two seemingly opposite things existing at once. So again, they choose one, or the other, or the black box.

How Powerful Leaders Deal with Paradox

The mechanism that makes the paradox work is there really is only one now. There’s only one here and now. There’s one moment and there’s only one unification of anything. Existence is one thing, so anytime you have a separation, it’s an illusion. This means that if you meditate long enough or experience it most fully, that separation will dissolve.

Continuing from our example, if you hold the sensation of the truth of the 90 degree parallel in a two-dimensional drawing, it actually pops out of two dimension, exists in your mind in three dimension. And you elevate from one dimensional thinking to the next dimensional thinking where there is no conflict, where the paradox resolves itself.

Any time you feel things in conflict, if you hold onto the truth of both, it pops you into a dimension of thinking that allows you to see a much broader and more sophisticated view.

This is what the most powerful leaders are doing and the reason why they’re so powerful and compelling.

In fact, this capability is one of the top components of what makes entrepreneurs really successful; the ability to multi-dimensionally perspect, so that you can really see outside of space and time and create a new reality that wouldn’t have existed without you there.

That’s what top entrepreneurs are doing. They’re creating a whole new reality and saying, “Do you want to live in this world where this is what’s happening? Or do you want to create something new, on a whole different dimension?”

Taking Your Business to the Next Dimension

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