The Secret About The Secret
14 years ago

I just recorded a great interview with Bruce Muzik – who teaches about the Law Of Attraction – and I found that we agree on so many levels about the dangers and misconceptions of all the sloppy thinking out there about “The Law Of Attraction”. I wrote this in response to one of the questions that kept coming up over and over… “How do I make the Law Of Attraction really work for me?”

CLICK HERE to listen to the recording…you’re going to want to listen all the way to the end, I promise

I’m Good At Attracting Some Things In My Life, But Others Continue To Elude Me… What Can I Do To Finally Attract Wealth And Abundance In My Life?

When it comes to the law of attraction, the difference between
creating the life you want (as if by magic) and just staring at a
vision board and having nothing change has to do with how you feel
inside your body as you imagine the future you want. When you think
of $150k, do you feel all jittery and hopeful? Excited? Does it feel
far off, imaginary, perfect, or like it belongs to someone else? If
so, then NOTHING you do about ‘the law of attraction’ is going to have
any effect on your actual situation. Try this: Think about something
that you have that you are in no danger of loosing… say a pillow,
watch, or pair of shoes. Now imagine having that thing (as you
actually do). How does your body feel? Dull? Bored? Still? No big
deal? If you want to start generating $150k in income, you have to
arrange your life so that you have those same dull feelings about the
$150k. The way the law of attraction REALLY works is that you create
certain things in the world as real (pillow, watch, shoes) and certain
things as a part of an imaginary future ($150k). The universe will
conspire with you to keep whats real real and whats imaginary
imaginary, based on how your body responds to those ideas. The degree
of specificity, etc. AINT GOT NOTHIN TO DO WIT IT. Your hopes and
dreams are DESIGNED to stay hopes and dreams. What’s real is DESIGNED
to stay real. If you want something to cross over from dream to real,
you’ve got to get bored with it, in essence. You have to relate to it
EXACTLY as you relate to what you already have. This is why gratitude
is such a powerful tool, because gratitude is an expression of how you
feel about something that already is… if you can authentically feel
grateful for what’s yet to be, then you are on your way to attracting
that thing into your life (and you are also on your way to being a
little bit crazy!)

How do you make something that’s not real for you feel more real? You
work at it in the real world. The more you work, the more reasonable
the $150k feels inside your body, the more ‘magical’ ways the universe
will help you attain that $150k. This is the origin of the expression
“God helps those who help themselves”.

They Say I Should Be Specific, But If Want To Make $150k, Then Am I Never Going To Have Abundance Because I’ve Put A Cap On What I Want?

I am not saying you will never have abundance. I am saying that
$150k will not feel like abundance once you earn it (because abundance
is infinite and 150K is not) Work on your abundance mindset AND work
at earning your $150k. The two have nothing to do with one another.

What Is The Difference Between What You Are Saying And All The Other L.O.T. Gurus Out There?

The main difference between what I have observed about the Law of
Attraction and the other ‘gurus’ say is that I believe that
EVERYTHING in your life as you experience it was created by you and
was subject to the law of attraction. Its not like you live your
normal life and then you attract certain remarkable things using some
secret. That’s simply not how it works. If it DID work that way,
there would be a lot more millionaires with flat bellies and loving
husbands in the world. The way it works is this: EVERYTHING, from
the extraordinary, to the mundane, to the disastrous… EVERYTHING in
your life, you ‘attracted’ using the very same Law Of Attraction that
you are trying to use to make your life better. You are already a
master of ‘the secret’ because you have created 100% of your reality
down to the last detail. Everything you perceive as real is real to
you, and everything you perceive as imaginary is imaginary to you.
Amazing! The thing to master now is your own ability to interact with
the world and question the things that are just on the edges of what
feels real to you and trust as real the things that are just at the
edges of possibility.

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