A simple but powerful conversation that added $48,350 in revenue in three weeks while making a positive impact on the planet
12 years ago

Booked Solid Without Selling’s Todd Sedelmeier has a pretty simple but powerful conversation dialed in to help coaches get clear in what they’re doing in such a way that they can rapidly grow their business and make a much bigger impact on the planet. Although Todd’s clients are primarily coaches, the principles in this conversation are universally applicable to businesses of all types and sizes, so I invited him to let us see behind the cape.

We specifically focus on the connection between your clarity, the client’s value perception, your commitment level, and  your success level,  and why this is one of the keys to how he has helped his clients add six figures to their own businesses in a short amount of time.

Click Here To Download The Recording Of Todd Sedelmeier or you can read a summary of the 20-minute interview below:

It’s a lot easier to get somewhere if you know where you’re headed first, so in order to get really clear what your life is about, start from perspective of you’re dead and looking back on your life. Looking back, what was not just the purpose of your contributions, but the theme underneath all of your experiences that steered you through life that is related to helping people? Starting with your life’s theme will act as a lighthouse to guide you on your path throughout all the changes in your life.

Where people go wrong is they assign their life’s purpose to a specific activity, behavior, or action. For example they may say, “My purpose is to coach or to help people” rather than getting underneath that to the experience that the other person is going to be having because of the interaction. Every activity has expiration, so if you say you’re passionate about coaching and coaching goes away as a fad you’re in trouble. If you’re passionate about a specific experience that’s been present from the time you were a child then you can always find new ways of doing that.

Once you’re clear on you’re life’s theme how do you get more clients to work with you?

In order to be fully self expressed and fully empowered in giving your gifts to the world, you need to have a life style that affords you the ability to do that.

Time + Money = Dream Lifestyle.

To have your dream lifestyle, you need a business that can give you an abundance of time and money that you can use however you want.

The discipline to spend your time and money on things that nourish you instead of chasing some idea that you think you should have or that is comparison-based lifestyle is one of the key components of abundance.

Getting Clarity On: Your Dream Theme = Your Dream Lifestyle = Your Dream Business = Clarity On Who Dream Client Really Is.

One of Todd’s superpowers is understanding the connection between your own clarity, the client’s value perception, your commitment level, and therefore your success level and is one of the keys to how what he has done in helping clients add six figures to their businesses.

When you are really clear on whom your dream clients are, then you know what to say to them because you will know what their dreams are. Otherwise they are some vague faceless somebody who won’t be buying your coaching.

Tying your own value and commitment to your clients dream outcome is an important component into the client really getting what they want. This allows you to really do your job and thus get more clients.

Your Dream Client = Your Client’s Dream.

This is handled in two ways:

1. What the client thinks they want right now. Talk to them about this want in a way that expresses it better than they can, and then they’ll attribute the solution to you.

2. When you’re having the conversation with the client, expand their vision to see what’s possible in what they actually want. They usually haven’t recognized that what they want typically equals a lot of other and bigger things, so helping them connect the dots will cause them to attribute this greater life to you and your value perception will be much higher.  When they see that their dream life can come true quickly then this is very motivating and their commitment level will be much higher.

Todd’s whole marketing campaign consists of two things:

  1. One email
  2. One conversation.

Having Clarity On: Your Theme, Your Lifestyle, Your Business, Your Dream Client, and Your Client’s Dream = Your Dream Marketing Message.

Your dream marketing message should leave a question mark which gets filled in with you the coach so they see you’re the missing piece to make all that stuff happen in the equation from right to left. They should know that this formula is highly valuable and will help them mega tons, but they need someone helping them through the process.

All of the external business stuff is about playing a bigger game, which pushes a button on us and forces us to have to transform. Most people don’t have the opportunity to have a crucible event that forces them to grow so they stay at a lower level of operation than where they could be. What got them here won’t get them to where they want to go. They might be able to coach themselves through most of it, but having the right community and people to support them in their transformation will be very helpful in getting the desired outcome.

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