With The Rapid Changes In The Photo Industry, There Will Be Big Winners And Big Losers. Are You On Track To Win?

Free Teleseminar This Sunday With Industry Experts Michael Costuros, Doug Menuez, Miki Johnson, Mark Wallace and Special Guest Bryan Franklin Will Teach You How.


It’s A Good Thing The Days Of Agents “Taking Care Of Business” Are Over…

Creative Thinkers (Like You) Are Grabbing Hidden Opportunities In The Photo Business Right Now.

Your Clients Will Pay Top Dollar If You Discover What They Truly Want – And Keep Up With The Changes In Their Mindset.

I’m Michael Costuros, founder of liveBooks and evolutionStudio.com and passionate photographer. I’ve transformed the way I think about my business and the state of the photo industry as a result of participating in a year-long program with friend, colleague, and business mentor Bryan Franklin, a top entrepreneurial business coach and educator.

Now I want to share those insights with you!

To do that I have pulled together friends and colleagues Miki Johnson, Mark Wallace, and Doug Menuez for a first of it’s kind photo industry think tank were industry leaders get solutions to our specific challenges from a genius industry outsider.

There are opportunities hiding in the unique challenges facing professional photographers – right where you previously thought there were none. All you have to do is view the world a little differently, and during the teleseminar Bryan is going to teach us how.

We are passionate about your ability to sustain a business based on what you love, that pays you well, and that allows you to be free. You don’t want to miss this event.

-Michael Costuros

The Happiest, And Most Successful People All Have One Thing In Common…

Bryan Franklin has this to say…

“After working with 100s of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world (some of them billionaires) I’ve learned that there are three types of earners. The first have bought the lie that they can sacrifice their life to their work or their business, earn a lot of money, and then use that money to buy their life back later. The sad part is that many of them never reach the finish line – and those few that do have become so accustomed to sacrifice that they no longer know how to make themselves happy.

The second group decide not to sacrifice anything – but don’t have the skills and discipline to take control of their financial situation. They end up trying to justify their struggle by pretending that choosing a path of meaning means being poor.

The third group is truly free, and they have one thing in common – which is that they follow the financial freedom formula. In this 90 minute teleseminar you will learn the financial freedom formula – and how to make it work for you as a professional photographer. You’ll learn why you’ve gotten so close to what you want before and seem to have a pattern of self-sabetoge at the crucial moments you’ll learn why you frequently don’t do the smart things you know you need to do in order to have what you want (its not what you think).”

-Bryan Franklin

About The Panelists

Doug Menuez, Documentary, Advertising, and Fine Art Photographer http://www.menuez.com/

Award-winning documentary photographer Douglas Menuez began his varied career shooting first for the Washington Post followed by Time, Newsweek, Life, People, USA Today, Fortune Magazine and many other publications worldwide over the past twenty-five years. He’s covered major news stories including the famine in Ethiopia, the destruction of the Amazon, the AIDS crisis, drug wars, presidential campaigns, the Olympics, five Super Bowls and the World Series. His portraits of key figures range from Mother Teresa and Robert Redford, to President Clinton and Bill Gates. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.

Mark Wallace, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Educator http://www.markwallacephotography.com/

Mark Wallace is a photographer and photography instructor, the founder of Snapfactory. He shoots corporate portraits, model portfolios, product, editorial, travel, and stock photography. His Snapfactory workshops and tutorial videos are enthusiastically valued by photographers from around the world.

Miki Johnson, Blogger, http://mikijohnson.com/

As editor of the liveBooks RESOLVE Blog, and before that as senior editor at American Photo Magazine, I both observed and experienced the recent reordering of worldwide media. While this has scared and confused some people, it excites me — my goal now is to instill that excitement in people who might otherwise be confused and scared. Check out my latest writings on my new blog, http://mikijohnson.com

What others say:

One of our current students, Michael Ellsberg, a 33-year old author and freelance copywriter based in New York City had this to say about the first time he attended this same free seminar with us, last year:

Bryan gave a free seminar last summer which I attended. I decided to put one single piece of strategy he shared with us that night into action. This is no joke: within 1 week, I went out used this one piece of advice directly to bring in a new freelance consulting gig with a major client, which has been ongoing ever since, the largest single consulting offer I had ever received.

Since I already had solid business coming in, this one chunk of additional revenue basically erased my money stress during the recession. Not bad for a free, 90 mintute seminar! I could not be more passionate that people come to this event. It could literally be the night you look back on that you feel changed your life forever.

My subsequent study with Bryan has taken my business and personal success to the next level within a few months, when nothing else (other courses, coaching, trainings, workshops) did. He is one of the most amazing business minds I’ve ever met—a true business genius—and I know you will be equally impressed.

This is for you if:

– You want to make money AND make a difference in people’s lives

– A part of you feels like your past successes have been mostly due to luck and you don’t know how to take your business to the next level

– A different part of you realizes that you’ve more than achieved goals you set for yourself a long time ago, but somehow you don’t feel the sense of accomplishment you thought you would.

– You realize that real results come with a willingness to put in the time and effort necessary to create long term success. – You have achieved excellence in at least one area of your life and you want to be excellent in all areas.

Thank you for registering!


Bryan Franklin

These Companies Trust Bryan's Leadership And Insight

Bryan Franklin has coached top level executives at Fortune 1000 companies (including Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco and LinkedIn) and helped entrepreneurs build their fledgling organizations into success stories–taking them from start-ups to billion dollar-generators.

He's been one of the world's most successful executive coaches for the last decade, and together with his partner in business and in life, Jennifer, he’s developing the most impactful group experiences available in the planet.



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