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  • “I make more money than I ever have, live in a great apartment and have a beautiful community of friends to celebrate or commiserate with as the situation calls for.”
    Bob G., Agile Programming Consultant

  • “… I am an empowered woman and one who knows much more how to wield influence… I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with the world – much love and respect!”
    Karis T., Relationship Coach

  • “I created a business that’s on track to do 6 figures per year in less than 18 months! The best part is that I feel like my new business is a pure expression of who I am, so I feel lucky every time I work and there’s no struggle, no having to do anything for anyone else.”

  • “I tripled my income and I even started a new line of business that was profitable right out of the gate! Thank you so much!”
    Nisha M., Nutrition & Health Counsellor

  • “At twice the price, I would still re-take the course.”
    Annie L., Relationship Coach

  • “One of the best training programs for sales, marketing, and leadership in the world. Bryan is possibly the best in the world and teaching people how to integrate these skills in their lives”
    Eben Pagan, Marketing Guru

  • “I don’t know how to say it any other way. I owe my life to this program.”
    Eric R., Real Estate Investment Advisor

  • “The Coaching Program is the most recent and to date the most profound step on a long journey of transformation for me.”

    -Bob G., Agile Programming Consultant

  • “Bryan seems to have a ridiculous amount of energy and enthusiasm for pulling the best from people. Be prepared to have all levels of your business or personal life elevated to new heights…”
    Joshua B., Sales

  • “Powerful. Effective. Surprising. Results-oriented. Those are just some of the words I’d would use to describe Bryan Franklin and his work. If you’re looking to kick your business into high gear and reach farther than you ever thought possible, but secretly always wanted, then Bryan is your guy. As a transformational author and coach, he is provocative and will always demand the best from you. I dare you to work with him!”
    Beth B., Founder: Bestselling Authors Network

  • “Working with Bryan Franklin was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made for my life, my business, and my happiness. After only a short time of working with Bryan my income as a coach has multiplied more than ten times over. I’ve faced challenges that only a few months ago would have been completely unimaginable and impossible to me. I have experienced myself as the person I have always dreamed of being for the first time in my life, which is something that I always feared wasn’t even possible.”
    Andrew D., Success Coach

  • “I am amazed by how well Bryan can handle clients. I feel fortunate to have worked with him. I know that I grew in significant and creative ways thanks to his support, ideas, and encouragement.”
    Beth C., Enterprise Coordinator & Consultant

  • “Bryan is an incredibly skilled, effective and wise coach who helped me to transform my business (and as a result my life) in a very short amount of time. I feel like he has given me this amazing set of tools and helped uncover and hone abilities that not have not only helped me, but have been helping my clients and the people in my network. I would highly recommend having him work with your business if you really want to achieve your goals in a way that it is powerful and sustainable.”
    Jackie G., Singing Chef

  • “The possibilities that seem reasonably and readily available to me after working with Bryan are far beyond what I previously conceived as being even possible. If you are looking to transform yourself or your organization then hire Bryan or enroll in one of his training programs.”
    Bob G., Agile Programming Consultant

  • “Bryan’s ability, to guide people to a deeper more clear understanding of themselves, is remarkable. His insight into people sheds light on the tiniest nuance of self to a broad over all understanding of what makes us tic as individuals, companies, and communities.”
    Rebecca O., Health and Wellness Coach

  • “Bryan is a perceptive and incisive observer of human behavior and this ability makes him a world class coach and coach trainer. His intuitive method of calibrating and leading people to success is elegantly, efficiently and heartfully transmitted in The Coaching Program. Bryan’s intense focus and technical understanding of symbology and language make him extremely effective when calling ones attention to patterns and systems of belief that limit success. His command over the tools of his trade are impeccable. His ability to regulate his ego and remain committed to my personal success, leaves me feeling that my developmental needs have truly been cared for. And this feeling extends far… into a feeling of friendship and kinship. His ability to succinctly and deeply transmit his talent has given me the confidence to be effective as a coach in my own practice. It is inevitable that when Bryan applies his skills to helping people find success, such people will walk away feeling not only the tremendous range of possibilities, but also the tools and capability to reach any of them should we choose.”
    Ken I., Business Consultant

  • “Bryan is a very skilled presenter who is entertaining as well as informative. His depth of knowledge both about business systems and personal transformation is a unique combination. He is great at taking complex concepts and issues and simplifying them into basic actionable ideas.”
    Amie C., Business Consultant

  • “I know that my business has the best chance for success with Bryan involved with it. I’ve worked closely with Bryan for 24+ months. He’s a creative genius and he really cares about my success.”
    Mark M., Management Consultant

  • “Bryan is one of the most exceptional facilitators and coaches I have had the privilege of being led by. Truly world class, I have been blown away time and time again by his ability to teach complex material with ease, humor and awareness of every person in the room. He is willing to be direct and rigorous – to risk his significance, and even friendship if he knows that doing so will help his clients and students create what they need to have what they want in their businesses and their lives. Empathetic and compassionate, Bryan has immense capacity to connect with people where they are at, at the same time expecting only greatness from them. As a presenter, whole rooms hang on every word Bryan utters, and for good measure; I walk away from his workshops remembering all of the wisdom he passes on, and able to fully implement the vast tools he offers around coaching, counseling, sales, language, marketing and business development. Bryan told me when we first met that my life would be different after knowing him. This is true. My life has changed in so many ways around money, career, relationships as a result of his mentoring and his Coaching Program.”
    Jessica H., Business Coach

  • “Bryan’s work is deep, comprehensive, and impactful. I feel lucky to have worked with him and am grateful for the benefit that I’ve received at a personal level, as well as for the foundation I now have to create my own work going forward. Highly recommended.”
    Guy J., Relationship Coach

  • “Bryan is a world class leader and trainer who’s mastery and flexibility gives him the ability to bring people to what they want in ways I’ve not quite seen before.”
    Jerry C., Relationship Coach

  • “I discovered what my purpose might be and learned the practices that will help me bring my message to the world.”
    Izzy K., IT Consultant

  • “I have confidence in my career now that I never thought was possible. I used to feel small. Now I relate to myself with awe.”
    Harmony N., Restaurant Manager

  • “I have more confidence, and the ability to be more daring and courageous in my coaching.”
    Hadass K., Intimacy Coach

  • “The Coaching Program is a deep and rigorous education around what coaching is, how to do it well, and why it works from someone with a proven and highly successful track record.”
    Guy J., Manager

  • “The Coaching Program is the most recent and to date the most profound step on a long journey of transformation for me.”

    -Bob G., Agile Programming Consultant

  • “I have a completely new relationship to my value, a new way of viewing how my partner loves me, a new way of relating to my family, and a new relationship to my desires.”

    -Bill C., Civil Engineer

  • “My income has nearly doubled since taking your program. Thank you for giving me the ability to value myself more and more.”

    -Beth A., Success Coach