Bill Gates, Gil Friend: If You Can Show Me The Business Case, Its Too Late
13 years ago

Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic shows us the mysteriously elusive sustainability business case (and where to find it)

What if companies approached this issue with real urgency?
How innovative would we be?

We are currently consuming the resources of 1.3 to 1.5 planets.  Sustainability literally means just that.  The ability for us to sustain ourselves.  Companies and governments have been prioritizing their own sustainability since time began.

The time is now to recognize that resource consumption is the X-factor that will determine who will survive the next epoch of capital evolution.  We must focus on it now, simply because we must.  The alternative is the inability to continue existence as corporations, as nations, and as individuals.

How does your long-range strategy address a world in which China spends 12x the US on renewable energy in absolute spending, and more than 35x in proportion to GDP, while the US drifts without a coherent energy policy? Is your company waiting for policy and regulations, or going after the markets of the future?

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