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In developing our Mind Money Meaning system, Jennifer and I did a ton of research in several areas of business. We looked at the companies that used short-cuts to achieve rapid growth and researched what sequence they used to build their assets.  We looked at more than just marketing too – Alignment and Leadership, List Building, Product Development, Fulfillment, Sales, Social Media, and Infrastructure.  We mapped out all the dependencies and discovered the shortest, most reliable, lowest risk, fastest path to grow a business.

This is the key for eliminating the final two Growth Obstacles.

Solving Growth Obstacles #6 and #7 with the Right Sequence

Growth Obstacle #6: “I’m getting by, but it won’t be worth it to keep doing this if I keep making the same level of profit – even if I love parts of what I do.”

Growth Obstacle #7: “I’m afraid of getting burned out.  I’m not excited by what I’m doing anymore and I’ve lost my mojo. I’m starting to think that I’m really meant to do something else.”

These are simply the natural feelings you have when you’re caught in the first five snares (or Growth Obstacles) for more than a few months.  If you don’t have the right role model, you aren’t building the assets you need to lift you out of your own way and start you on a path to success, and you don’t know the right sequence of what to do next. So, it’s inevitable that you’ll be trapped.  If you don’t know the fastest path, then chances are you’re going to get stuck.  That’s why most entrepreneurs that get trapped by the deadly snares NEVER GET OUT.

So we programmed the Mind Money Meaning System to find out where
you are, get you on that fastest path – and then keep you on track as you grow.

business growth - step by step

Mind Money Meaning Finds Your Sequence…

That way you only have to do what’s next.  You don’t have to think about the right sequence.  We’ve done the sequencing work for you.  And all you have to do is respond to the Mind Money Meaning system, and you will automatically be on track.  You’ll always know the right resources, for the right step of the right mission to build the right asset.  That’s why we say the system has “artificial business intelligence.”

Jennifer and I know a lot about growing businesses… but we don’t know everything.  So we wanted to reduce the risk even further, just in case there were strategies or approaches out there that we hadn’t heard about that might be even shorter short-cuts to rapid growth than the ones we’ve used.

Bonus: Growth Shortcuts from Top Business Leaders

So we made a list of the best people in the world at building each asset that you need to use in your business.  And we told them what we’re up to and invited them to participate in growing your business.

Well – Eben Pagan is a good friend, and he built a $30 million business on his headlines and copywriting, so we interviewed Eben and converted his process to the Mind Money Meaning system of prompting you and showing you the best examples to copy.

Jon Benson invented the Video Sales Letter, which had made so much money for its users that it changed how products are sold on the internet forever.  So we interviewed Jon and converted it to a Mind Money Meaning asset-building mission.

Jay Abraham has helped companies in over 4,000 industries dominate their markets and create preeminent brands – So we got Jay too.

John Hamm, ex CEO, Venture Capitalist, and author of the best-selling leadership book “Unusually Excellent” agreed to contribute to the topic of hiring leaders.

Paul Sutter has raised over $100 million in VC funds for his startup companies – so we got him to map out the step-by-step process of raising capital.

Check out our Mind Money Meaning system to receive the expert advice they have for you.

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