If You Don’t Automate Now, You’ll Suffer Later
10 years ago

I’ve spent a lot of time really studying the difference between super successful folks and people who struggle, because we always want to convert the strugglers into the success stories. One of the things that keeps coming up is that successful people solve every problem once, and unsuccessful people solve the same problem again and again.

In other words, automating tends to be a limiting factor I see so many businesses struggle with. So many businesses plateau and hover around the same mark for years and years.

What this comes down to is your attention. Your attention is by far your most valuable asset. It’s far more valuable than cash, more valuable than good team members or employees or customer lists. Because whatever you turn your attention to will get worked out.

Wasting your attention is the high cost of not automating.

Can Your Customers Trust You?

A lot of businesses allow everything to depend on one or two people, and then they can’t seem to find anyone else to hire, and then they run out of hours in a day and things break down. It’s a very inconsistent experience.

People prefer consistency to variability—customers want to feel like they can trust you.

How Automating Frees Your Attention

So the thing about automated systems is that they work the same way every time. And it doesn’t matter if Tom, Dick or Harry is pushing the button, nor what kind of day they’re having. With automation, you can refine your systems over time and get them running perfectly.

If you don’t automate, you’re inevitably spending your time reproducing something you’ve already done before. You’re like a baseball player going to bat—and every time you swing it’s a whole new ball game. You may perform well, you may not. You may have your head in the game, you may be distracted.

Failing to automate introduces inconsistency and fallibility. And it takes away your ability to put your most valuable resource (your attention) on the things your business needs most. The inability to systematize, to automate, can even be ruinous.

Automation gives you the freedom to improve the quality of service, put together a new marketing program, or sell more. Essentially, it directs your attention toward producing more and more value for more and more customers.

Changing Your Automation Mindset

Strangely enough, most entrepreneurs are reluctant to focus on automation systems. You are far more excited about the big revenue events, and the time spent automating feels less like a revenue event, less exciting.

But the mindset that I really want you to have around automation is that it’s going to lead to so much more long-term. You’ll not only have the ability to serve way more customers, but also, your high-payoff automation systems will eventually excite you as much as those revenue events.

The difference is, your automated system is repeatable, while that singular revenue event (like landing a big client) is completely unpredictable.

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