How To Go From Leading 1:1 To Leading A Movement
12 years ago

If you are great 1:1, but aren’t so confident leading a group – this 18 minute conversation with Jena LaFlamme will inspire you.

She talks about her journey and what it takes to summon the confidence to create amazing group experiences and position herself as a leader of a movement – in this case the Pleasurable Weight Loss movement!

“I Wasn’t Just Scared – I Thought It Was Impossible”

We go into one specific tool that was key for her in chunking down the challenge of offering high value, scaleable programs. Using this tool helped her get invited to lead her Pleasure Camp on a nationally televised reality show recently for a top name cable network.

We specifically focus on the challenge of turning a reactive art (coaching, consulting, etc. 1:1) into a creative art (coming up with content for books, workshops, teleseminars, and programs) with ease and mastery.

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Body? What Body?

Not that long ago, I was one of those people that ignored their body. I had shame about this part and that part – hated how I looked with my shirt off – but mostly just ignored it. I contacted the world and the people in it through my mind and my heart. Jena started with subtle hints that got more and more explicit through the years – and eventually I got it. My body is the vehicle through which I experience everything. The appropriate relationship with it is honor, respect, love, and delight. Not only am I looking and feeling better – but I get comments all the time from the extraordinary men and women in our community about how ’embodied’ I feel to them. I feel more trustable to them this way, and I feel way more sexy – especially when I dance. Now, when I am at a party with Jennifer, I feel like I belong by her side in every way, not just intellectually and emotionally. Thank you, Jena, for being a advocate for me and for the animal of my body along the way!

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