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The assets portion of the Mind Money Meaning system also provides relief from Growth Obstacle #5: I know that I need to take my marketing to the next level, and I’ve learned a lot of marketing techniques, but I feel overwhelmed when I try to implement them and it doesn’t seem to all come together.

Trying to string a bunch of marketing techniques together without the asset of a proven framework is enough to overwhelm anybody!  Its like trying to bake a complicated cake without the recipe.  You’re just going end up wasting money, time, ruining the cake (your business), and making a big mess!

If you are trying to remove this growth obstacle yourself, make sure you understand the framework first, with a placeholder for each asset and understand what role it plays in the system. (for example one asset might be a lead source, another might be a way of capturing the contact information for those leads, and a third might be a specific process for nurturing those leads).

We want to work side by side with you and lower your risk of failure a bit more – so its not enough for us to just teach you how these assets work and give you detailed blueprints of how they are built.  We designed the Mind Money Meaning system to break down each asset into as many steps as it takes to build it properly with no mistakes, and walk you through each step one at a time.

business growth obstacle - assets

Prepare for Your Mission: Build Assets for Marketing

For example – if you want to upgrade your web presence, you won’t just get a video telling you what makes a good website–and you won’t just get a checklist of everything that’s supposed to be there when you’re done without any idea of how to put it all together.  In the Mind Money Meaning system, you’ll be sent on a mission.  Inside the mission, you’ll be prompted to answer a series of questions, like “What’s the most outrageously positive thing a customer has ever said about you?”  Step-by-step, the system prompts you to think about and respond to the right questions, and we store your answers for you in your Vault.  Later on in the mission when it’s time to write the content of the website, the system strings together your answers so you can just copy paste.  Just follow the steps, and watch your website transform and turn into an asset that plays its proper part in growing your business.

But sometimes it’s hard to know how to answer questions about your business, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with original ideas for products, headlines, sales scripts, email messages, job descriptions, or anything else you might need to complete the missions inside the Mind Money Meaning system and grow your business.

I remember years ago sitting in a marketing seminar the first time I was asked to write down a description of my ideal customer.  I had no idea what to write.  So we decided to lower your risk of failure further by storing everyone else’s answers to every step and every prompt in every mission – and making them available on a page of “best examples” where you see the top-voted entries for each piece of every asset as you go along.  That way you can get inspired by the most compelling ideas or just copy what works.  Once I see how its supposed to be done, then doing it myself is so much easier.  Easier = faster.  Faster = Lower Risk, Faster Growth and More profits.

Of course your answers will be posted on the best examples page too – and that way you’ll get feedback on every step along the way from your mentors, advisors and the other entrepreneurs in the Mind Money Meaning community.

But Jennifer and I didn’t think that was enough…  For a company to grow by 10 times its size…  and continue to grow past $2.5 million dollars in scalable revenue or more, it will rely on between 100 and 200 assets.  If we just gave you a list of 100 assets, even built each one with you, we’d be back to square one with procrastination and overwhelm.  So we lowered your risk of failure even more…

Stay tuned for the solutions to Growth Obstacles #6 and #7 later this week. But until then, I’ll give you a head start with Mind Money Meaning.

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