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Are You Ready to Be a Chief ______ Officer?
10 years ago

What does the word “Chief” mean to you? In today’s world, there are all kinds of Chiefs. The Police Chief. Chief Executive Officer. Chief medical officer. Chief Financial Officer. One thing is certain, Chiefs have power.

For a long time, Rick Miller thought chiefs were special, that they were chosen, and that they always had these kinds of titles. But life has taught him that a real chief is someone who makes a choice to connect what they do to who they are—that’s where the power comes from.

Through his experience working with kids as well as c-level executives, he’s been able to break down the three things that real chiefs DO, and the five things that real chiefs ARE…. In addition to the lesson that we can’t assume the less fortunate are any less courageous, less worthy, or less able to be real chiefs.

It seems we’ve fallen into this misconception that the chiefs with titles are the ones who are responsible for everything. But that’s not true. We’re all responsible. In a changing world, where power is shifting, being a real chief is a choice.

Don’t miss your opportunity. Start by watching Rick’s insightful TEDx talk to learn the ways of a real chief, and rise to the challenge…


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