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2013 Level 7 Leadership Group

12-Month Flagship Mastermind for Entrepreneurs
For those who are already successful and looking to go from success to significance in the world, we have created a high impact mastermind program where we hand-select the 40 most inspiring entrepreneurs we know to participate in a collaborative environment for 1 year.

Building the best mastermind possible involves the convergence of truly exceptional people, a highly collaborative and thought-provoking environment, and relevant hands-on time to allow everyone to work on each other’s businesses.

We’ve Helped 7 Companies Scale to Over a $1 Billion in Revenue

We’ve mentored and advised some of the most exciting founders and CEOs in the Silicon Valley and have helped 7 companies reach over a $1 Billion in revenue. We open our rolodexes and bring all this to bare on your success.

During the year we all become dedicated to each other and work to rapidly scale each other’s businesses and personal growth during 5×4 Day retreats and participation on advisory boards throughout the year.

The emphasis is on collaboration, creating breakthroughs, critical thinking and strategic shifting of your paradigm and thus your business – improving your business more quickly than you could do yourself.

This program is not a dry business seminar or shticky marketing summit. It is meant to get at the nature of who we are, and express that through successful entrepreneurial ventures

If you have a prejudice towards action and are looking to create significant impact with your personal and professional endeavors we’d like to hear from you.

Going From Success to Significance

Your responsibility — to yourself, your business, and the group, is to take the advice, instruction, specific directions and ideas we, and the group, gives you each month of your participation – and use it to grow personally and professionally

We’ll be accelerating, enhancing and dramatically expanding what you’d achieve on your own. With a small investment, you probably CAN uncover the forces that will double, perhaps even redouble again the revenue and income your business can earn you.

The emphasis every month is on collaboration, creating breakthroughs, critical thinking and strategic shifting of your paradigm and thus your business – improving your business more quickly than you could do yourself.

You should expect every time we all get together – to receive and implement dozens of ideas that result from this fast-paced, group mentoring dynamic. The value of those ideas will range from incremental to outrageous.

Program Format: What’s Included

The most impactful group experience on the planet.

  • • 5×4-Day Retreats every other month at high-end retreat centers in the beautiful redwood forest area of California and upstate New York 1 hour outside Manhattan. Here are the dates:

    > March 8 -11 Bently Reserve San Francisco, CA
    > May 24 – 27 Edith Macy Briarcliff, NY
    > July 12 – 15 Stillheart Institute Woodside, CA
    > Sept 12 – 17 Edith Macy Briarcliff, NY
    > Nov 8 – 11 Stillheart Institute, CA

  • • An Advisory Board (4-5 members) who meet with you once or twice a month to advise and assist you with your specific challenges throughout the year. This board’s focus is to give you the knowledge, expertise, and resources you need to really see your plans through along with some personal accountability to help keep you on track.
  • • Monthly Coaching & Implementation Calls designed to get deep and specific into your particular challenges. We stay on these calls until all questions are answered thoroughly.
  • • 1×90-minute Coaching Call with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell
  • • 1xDeep Dive Strategy Session with Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell
  • • Membership and Access to our Mind Money & Meaning website with Current Video Content of all retreats, forums, online training, weekly challenges, and all other virtual content.
  • • Access to our extensive content library – A master’s level education in Entrepreneurship on topics like Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Investment Pitching, Product Launches, Collaborative Systems, Organizational Practices, Mechanics of Change, Family Systems, and much more.
  • • Access to elite industry experts and guest speakers who attend and are interviewed at the mastermind retreats.
  • • And one of the highest values of the program, you gain access to a new successful community of your peers to mastermind and mentor with, to contribute to, to exchange resources and expertise with, and to develop life long friendships with.

How to Participate

We are currently hand selecting our 40 members for the 2013 program that begins in San Francisco on March 8th. We interview each person to determine whether its a good fit. Enter your name and email below to be contacted.

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